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Product Reviews

"Thank you very much for sorting this out for me, got the new ones and used them at the weekend and they are perfect no problems what so ever on a trip over 100miles nice and silent. So very much appreciate the effort that you went to in resolving my issues, a brilliant service. Thanks"
Mark Scott

A must have - SoundEar

"I can only say that this ear protection and it's new cable system is perfect. A MUST HAVE FOR THE SERIOUS BIKER. Keep on improving ultimate ear. A very satisfied customer."
N Bruno

Absolutely Brilliant - Driver comm

"The plugs are absolutely brilliant. Brands was a great weekend. Thank you."
Tom Barley

Absolutely brilliant - G4 headset conversion + Sou

"Hi ultimate. I have just received back my G4 headsets after conversion to take the ‘SoundEar’ earplugs. I have done a 'road test' with my sat/nav I can only describe the results as absolutely brilliant. Please pass on to all concerned my appreciation of a job well done."
Brian Whiting

Absolutely no comparison - SoundEar & Squidgy

"Hi ultimate My SoundEars and Squidgie ear plugs arrived today. After wearing them for 5 minutes it is clear that there is absolutely no comparison between them and the Etoymatic Er-6i I have been using up to now in terms of comfort and isolation. A fellow mariner once described the difference as night and day and he was right. I’m absolutely delighted and I only wish I had invested earlier."
Joseph Byrne

Amazed at the quality - ReactEar

"I bought this product last week, and have become a firm fan of it! The whole experience dealing with Ultimate Ear was professional and very quick. I would guess it took, 15-20mins for the fitting (taking of impressions of the internals of my ears) and I had them ready to use five days later (I had chosen the express service). I find them very, very comfortable to wear, with none of the agony associated with "off the shelf" valved ear plugs, which I have used and dislike. The range of colours is great, particularly for someone like me who could easily drop one in the long grass or in the Marsh. I also have to compliment you guys on the lanyard and clip which is particularly useful for keeping these valuable items close to had and safe when socialising/or not shooting at the Clay ground. I recommend your product thoroughly to anyone who shoots whether it be clays, vermin or game. I find you can hear a wide variety of game sounds, approaching wings, squeak, rustles and calls whilst wearing the product, but when the gun is fired the blast is blocked very well. Lastly, for the money I am amazed at the quality. As you know I liked them so much I brought my Girlfriend down to have some made for her. The chore/irritation of trying to defend my hearing, whilst still enjoying my sport has turned into something I need never worry about again, with the ReactEar product. Thanks again for all your help and great service."
Guy Edwards

AttenuatEar 29 - Amazing Product

"I've been using them in a really noisy fabrication and welding workshop and I'm amazed at how good they are! As well as dramatically reducing the noise, they are really comfy! Wearing them all day is no problem, in fact, a couple of times I've forgotten I had them in. An absolutely amazing product and certainly one I would have no problem recommending."

Awesome - Driver Comm

"My plugs from ultimate are awesome, I race with them, ride the motorbike with them, I've even used them with my I-pod whilst flying. The fit is great AND they last longer than any other make I've used"
Martin Byford

Back in bed with my Husband

"Dear Sirs, I am writing to let you know that the ear moulds work brilliantly! I didnt really believe that they would - but was so fed up of having to sleep in a separate room to avoid my husband's snoring and other types of ear plugs were not effective at all. However, I have managed to stay in my own bed every night since they arrived! Thank you!"
Jill Kinder

Bass guitarist; Rihanna - Soundear pro3

"just wanted to say thanks again for the in-ears. I listen to most genre of music and found the definition amazing. I could identify every instrument and note clarity. On my live performance i found them very clear and could easily push my bass sound comfortably with the triple drivers, I was impressed with the overall performance of the in-ears and would highly recommend them for the gigging musician."
Clint williams - bass guitarist, Rihanna

Better than "cans" - ReactEar

"I shoot all disciplines, but mainly Rifle on the range, the ear protection from your company has proved to be very good, it sits in the ear very comfortably for hours and are better than "cans" as they do not interfere with head alignment, as cans can do. The report reduction is superior to cans because there is no bleed past as they sit in the ear, if the cans become slightly miss-aligned they are virtually useless. I would recommend anyone who shoots to look at the benefits of your product. Thanks and good luck for the future."
Pete Goodship

BloodhoundSSC - SoundEar

"I'm exicted that we are working with ultimate ear. Having tested the ear pieces extensively, I know that they give a quite remarkable level of hearing protection - which is just as well, as they will be protecting me while I sit under the intake of one of the world's most advanced jet fighter engines. Being that close to the engine at full power is a slightly scary thought, but with this level of protection, I'm looking forward to it already."
Andy Green (Wing Commander), RAF Pilot and Bloodhound SSC Driver


Cirrus Research

Brilliant - Thorpe Park Staff

"They all fit and look brilliant."
Sean Coogan

Brilliant at keeping water out of my ears

"I swim on a regular basis and was starting to suffer with trapped water in my ears. ultimate ear suggested their swim plugs, and fantastic they are to, perfect fit, easy in and out even with wet hands as incorporate a handy little moulded handle/grip, and have been brilliant at keeping water out of my ears. ultimate result as far as I am concerned."
David Bellis


"They all fit and look brilliant."
Thorpe Park staff

Charley Boorman loves them - SoundEar

"OMG I love them. The sound is so good. You boys have done it once more. Thank you so much."
Charley Boorman

Charlie Boorman loves them - SoundEar Pro3

"OMG I love them. The sound is so good. You boys have done it once more. Thank you so much."
Charlie Boorman

Clear bottom end, no hiss or sibilance at the top

"Hi ultimate, Having just come off a summer festival run playing keyboards for Cher Lloyd, I can't express how happy I am with the Pro 3's. The noise cancellation is fantastic, really noticed this in the tent stages, with the noise from front of house and crowd being immense, the pro 3's not only cancelled this out but gave me a good clear in-ear monitor level that I could happily work with to enable me to perform at my best. Both in tents, out-door stages and in venues, the Pro 3's give a fantastic mix, clear bottom end, no hiss or sibilance at the top end and a great middle range. They're super comfy and discreet as well! Wouldn't recommend any others, ultimate Pro 3's all the way! Many thanks,"
Danielle McGinley

Dakota Mamola uses - Squidgy

"I just got the chance to ride the 600 like 2 weeks ago and used your guy's earplugs. They are awesome and work great! Would love to keep on using these earplugs in the future. – Dakota Mamola"
Dakota Mamola

Documentary cameraman - Soundear

"As a documentary cameraman I have had to work in some hostile environments where you only get one chance to get not only the image but more crucially usable audio. In these situations standard headphones are not up to the job so I had to find an alternative that would enable me to have confidence in what I was recording. The solution was to have bespoke earphones moulds made by ultimate ear. These moulds are an exact fit to my ear which blocks out any extraneous noise enabling me to listen to the what I am recording. Such as recording a piece to camera whilst an apache helicopter takes off behind the presenter. The added benefit is that they are also protecting my hearing from any excessive noise that could cause serious long term damage. In addition to this the quality of the sound reproduction is second to none. I can not recommend highly enough the quality of the ultimate ear earphones and the level of professionalism from the whole team at ultimate ear. These really will be the last pair of earphones you will ever buy."
Nick Avery

Driver Comm

"As used by lotus F1"

Elopak love them!

"All of our engineers love them. (AttenuateEar 29)"
Elopak Packaging

Everyone loves them.

"Thank you ultimate. I have received the ear plugs they are great, everyone loves them."
Sims FE Mottram

Excellent Audiometry results

"We were using a mixture generic and disposable hearing protection products which were suffering from low take-up by staff, were poorly worn and providing inadequate levels of protection. On the recommendation of our Health & Safety Manager we gave custom hearing protection a trial with ultimate; the response from staff was excellent, they liked the fit, were easy to wear and keep clean, all day comfortable, they just worked! From the company’s perspective taking advantage of ultimate’s spread payment scheme we were able to spread the cost over the first year of ownership which helped with budgeting, the value of the well fitting hearing protection bears out in the excellent audiometric screening results we are getting from our staff."
SCA Foam Products

Excellent customer service

"This is just a quick note to say how pleased I was with the service I received from you recently. I dropped two Scala Rider headsets in to be modified to accept my ultimate ear SoundEars. I needed these on a tight turnaround for a trip with my son. ultimate assured me that they would try and meet the deadline even with the extended bank holiday. Not only did they meet my expectation but they exceeded it by delivering them early which made my life much simpler. Thank you, excellent customer service."
Rob Brickle

Fantastic - Filtered plug

"I'd like to thank you for all your help in purchasing my ultimate ear protection. I have used them flying and they are undoubtedly fantastic at omitting the helicopter noise."
Paddy (Aberdeen)

"I'd like to thank you for all your help in purchasing my ultimate ear protection. I have used them flying and they are undoubtedly fantastic at omitting the Helichpter noise."
Paddy (Aberdeen)

Filtered plug - Another league

"Finally managed a couple of hundred miles with my new earplugs. Very good, wish these had been available 50 years ago! I’ve used tailor-made earplugs for some years but these are in another league!"
Paul Edwards

Filtered Plugs

""Being a bit slow on the uptake, I finally got myself customised ear plugs (after 14 years of bike travel) and then gave them the ultimate test - riding a BMW 1200GS on a 12,000 mile trip from London to Beijing. Crossing mountain ranges, deserts and some of the world's busiest cities, I wore the ear plugs every day. They were fantastic, and I can't understand why I haven't used them before. They fit me perfectly, I love the colours, and most importantly, they were great at eliminating both the wind and engine noise, particularly important when riding for 11 weeks non-stop. I'm now a complete convert to them.""
Tiffany Coates the World's Foremost Female Bike Adventurer

Fit perfectly - Tips for Marshall earphones

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for such a quick turnaround producing my bespoke earphone tips. They fit perfectly and take into account all the nuances of my earphones and shows your engineers skill in producing them. Thank you"
Justin Photis

G-Series – Really impressed

"I was really impressed with the service provided by Ultimate Ear. I had a problem where my old ear pieces broke and I needed a new pair at short notice. I contacted them and 24 hours later I had a set of moulded ear pieces. I went with the standard fit rather than bespoke and they are spot on, comfortable and I can hear the team! I would recommend them to anyone."
Aaron Scott

Get the sleep you need!

"Travelling a lot as I do through work and staying away in hotels I have no prior experience of, getting sleep is vital to be good to go on work day. Yesterday was a very recent experience of this, very warm hotel room (windows open), busy road outside (very noisy). Sleep plugs to the rescue. Great comfort, great noise reduction = GREAT SLEEP!"
AH, Kent

Great - ReactEar

"I would just like to let you know i used my new ear plugs today clay pigeon shooting and they were great, better than i thought they would be.....thanks for a great product.....cheers"
Glyn Kirby

Great thank you - Squidgy

Aaron Heading - winner of World & European Championships in Olympic trap & universal trench

Great value for money!

"Great value for money and provide us with a quality service Hawke International is an engineering manufacturing company with three large machine shops. It has been highlighted through previous noise surveys conducted on our site that we a problem with noise exposure to our employees within these machining areas. We have used disposable hearing protection and also moulded hearing protection. We have now used Ultimate Hearing Protection Systems several times over the past recent years, having over 50 sets of moulded ears plugs (AttenuateEar29) made for our employees working within our machine shops who are required to wear them all their working day. I have had great feedback from all who have received a set from Ultimate, especially as they are made of a soft grade of silicone they are generally perceived as much more comfortable than the products from our previous supplier. Although Hawke is at the other end of the country from Ultimate, we have always had a great service from them with regards site visits from their consultants to take impressions, and as they deal with companies all over the country we can approach them with small numbers we need to get impressions made for such as new starters to the business, they will pop in the next time they are in the area. I personally find them great value for money and provide us with a quality service."
Hawke International

Guitarist on tour with Marilyn Manson - SoundEar

"Love the single drivers I got from you. I used them every night for the @marilynmanson tour and they were amazing!"
Laura Conway



I am a fan of your products - SoundEar

Philip Buckingham

I am getting a good nights sleep now - Sleep Plug

"Thanks to the team. The ear plugs fit fine, I am getting a good nights sleep now. Thank you"
Tony Boxall

I am really happy - Sleep Plug

"The Sleep Plugs too are brill - at last I can get a good night's sleep - Thanks guys - I am really happy!"
John Mosedale

I am really happy - SoundEar

"Comment: I just wanted to say a big thank you for my soundear plugs - at last I can listen to music peacefully on my bike without having to raise the volume. And with noisy kids next door, I can work in the garden with them and listen to the radio or music without the distraction. The Sleep Plugs too are brill - at last I can get a good night's sleep - I only need one at a time. They are comfortable under a helmet. Thanks guys - I am really happy!"
John Mosedale

I can hear more of the music - SoundEars

"Hello. I ordered the soundear product and it arrived today. I have to say i am so pleased with it. The fit is perfect and the sound is amazing. I am sure i can hear more of the music than i have been able to. Thanks again."
Craig Wallace

I honestly love them

"I honestly love them, I have been using them for everything recently, particularly for drumming along to music with my ipod. None of my band currently use ear protection so I'm going to try and convince them to order some plugs from you."

I'm a massive fan!

"I just wanted to say thank you. The new SoundEar monitors are fantastic. Comparing my previous (expensive) earphones to the SoundEar monitors is like comparing sackcloth to silk. And excellent customer service too. All-in-all I'm a massive fan!"
Jon Slade

I'm now 20% faster

"Impressed that made available 3 days before due date and pleasantly and competently supplied. Make a big difference to the bike - now refined, quiet and 20% faster! Do everything I expected and more. Thank you"
Anthony Biebuyck

I've had seven years use - SoundEars

"I would like to express my thanks to all at ultimate ear protection for providing firstly great customer service and secondly a great product. I have just returned to you an old set of in ear monitors that have had 7 years of motorcycle touring and have stood up to this task pretty well considering it is a pretty challenging environment for any electronic product. The monitors eventually called it a day with one ear dying on me so I sent them back for either repair or replacement, unfortunately the product was uneconomic to repair, so I was offered a set of replacements for a discounted price. I expressed to the person on the phone that I really needed these back for a trip that I had planned leaving on the 22nd April which didn't give you much time to make the new ones. However true to your word I received the new product today well in time for my departure and they are so much better than the original pair. Thanks again for taking the trouble to move stuff about and express manufacture these for me and I hope that I get another 7 years from this pair."
Simon James

Impressive - SoundEar

"Having worked in the professional sound industry for over 30 years I have the greatest respect for my hearing. Protection is a must in some of the environments that I find myself in. I have been looking for some time for a pair of hearing protectors that I could wear in my ears when in noisy environments to reduce the risk of hearing loss. I also wanted to be able to listen to speech and music playback in the same environments without having to have the volume up high to mask the background sounds. A friend recommended that I contact ultimate ear protection. After a visit to have impressions of my ear taken I received a pair of SoundEar in ear monitors. They arrived just in time for me to use at the Le Mans 24hr motor racing event in France. The attenuation of sound from the racing cars was impressive, enabling me to listen to the radio commentary at a very comfortable level. The clarity of the speech was excellent. Plugging them into my music player with CD quality recordings was also impressive with a lot of clarity and detail considering the noise that was surrounding me."
Tom Simpson

International ambassador & clinician;

"In ears from ultimate; they are nothing short of stunning."
Craig Blundell

Love them says George Michaels drummer - SoundEar

"Love them ....I would have gone for doubles but the triple work for drummers too! And you are totally right about the extended ear canals too I'm in the studio now with them"
Lea Mullen

Magnificent - Glove/tip

"I just want to thank you again for all your help with my earphones. Also a big thank you to the techs who actually made these magnificent 'ear gloves'. They arrived early on Saturday and I have been using them ever since. The difference over headphones is indescribable!! I am truly impressed by the totally professional process that I have been a part of. Thank You all once again."

Now I can share a room with the loudest snorer - S

"After spending many golf weekend sharing twin rooms with my friends I found the only drawback was the sleepless nights listening to the continuous snoring. I tried standard earplugs but they do not work, I then had fortune of discovering UHPS who make made to measure earplugs which have solved the problem. It only takes 20mins for the fitting and up to 28 days for the earplugs to be ready. Now I can share a room with the loudest snorer with no problem and get a great night’s sleep. If you have any problem with loud nose I would greatly recommend UHPS earplugs. The only problem is they do not improve your golf."
Micky White

Ollie Millroy - Ecurie Ecosse Endurance Driver

"I'm racing in the Blancpain European Endurance Series in the BMW Z4 GT3 with Ecurie Ecosse. Blancpain is the premier GT series in Europe with 60 cars from 13 different manufacturers. As strategy is of upmost importance in endurance racing, we are using the pit-to-car radio a few times every lap. This is why it's crucial that as the driver, I have the best quality earphones available to ensure that all instructions from the team are heard perfectly."
Ollie Millroy

Perfect - Squidgies

"ultimate Just to let you know that because of inclement weather I have just collected and used plugs for first time. They are perfect. Thank you all there for your patience and professionalism. I would be pleased to recommend your services anytime . Thanks again"
Robert Palmese

Perfect fit - SoundEar

"Dear ultimate Thank you for the speedy return of my ear phones, they fit perfectly and are very comfortable. Many thanks - great service. I would not hesitate in recommending your product to biking friends."
Richard Whitaker

Pretty Amazing - SoundEar

"I have really felt the benefit of them fitting properly, the things you can hear, and not hear on the bike are pretty amazing. So please can you pass on this email as a letter of recommendation to your level of customer service, i would recommend, and have, your services to my other biking friends."
Matt Corns

Quality product

"I have been dealing with ultimate ear protection for over a year and they have supplied almost 300 bespoke sets of the moulded ear plugs (AttenuatEar 29) for our employees. I have had only positive comments from the people wearing the ear plugs and I have found ultimate to be a professional business which supplies a quality product and after sales support."
Walkers Snack Foods

Quality product, quality price - ReactEar

Tim Garner - Shooting instructor

Really Good - Driver Comms

"Ear phones really good! A lot better than my other types. I think maybe because it's better compounds I.e softer. It felt comfortable, clear sounds, plugged out outside sounds and I'm basically really impressed. Normally I'm very picky about things and so far everything is ok!"
Ryan Cullen

Recommended by Mail Online - Sleep Plug

"Whether you’re prone to swimming-related ear infections, work in a noisy environment or are plagued by a snoring partner, there is an ear-plug to suit your specific needs. These look like a hearing aids and are specially customised to fit each ear individually, one for left and one for right, for ultimate comfort. They have a two-year guarantee, come with a cleaning tool and are good at blocking out sudden, very loud noises of up to 30 decibels."
Mail On Sunday reporter

Remarkable - Driver Comm

"I'm excited that we are working with Ultimate Ear. Having tested the ear pieces extensively, I know that they give a quite remarkable level of hearing protection - which is just as well, as they will be protecting me while I sit under the intake of one of the world's most advanced jet fighter engines. Being that close to the engine at full power is a slightly scary thought, but with this level of protection, I'm looking forward to it already"
Andy Green (Wing Commander) RAF pilot, and Bloodhound SSC driver

Responsive and efficient

"Ultimate Ear have been great to deal with, you have been both responsive and efficient. (AttenuateEar 29)"

RoSPA member - Soundear & Squidgies

"I too had a set of SoundEars and they were superb. I ordered them last time ultimate came to do us a pitch which must have been over three years ago. Very comfortable and cut out a load of background noise. Bit of a pain one evening though when on the train listening to my ipod and I missed the announcement saying they were modifying the stops and the train was going fast from Gatwick to Brighton when I wanted to get off at Three Bridges! I also have a set of their Squidgies ear plugs which I use all the time and they are good too."
Rob Wilkie

Search for the perfect ear piece

"In my search for the perfect earpiece, I came across ultimate ear, who not only specialise in custom made hearing protection, but also custom made earpieces for a range of communication devices. Initially an ear mould was taken and then a couple of weeks later I received the final product. I was pleasantly surprised with the comfort of the earpiece, which also contained a filter, which could be plugged if I wanted to totally cut out any external noises. The clarity of the earpiece is superb and due to the earpiece being such a fantastic fit, I can finally hear exactly what is going on in extremely noisy environments! Ultimate Ear has met my expectations and more and I would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone who was serious about obtaining the best possible hearing communication solution. Thanks ultimate ear! Proceed When l decided to look for an earpiece my main concerns were regarding the clarity of sound & comfort of the earpiece, especially as I would be wearing it for the best part of 12 hours.The required job of the relevant earpiece was to be able to hear exactly what was going on, clearly, without any major external disruption. Considering the various types of environments I would be working in, this was of the utmost importance. Standing in football stadium & trying to keep an ear on what is going on is no fun when you have to strain to hear each transmission. Likewise, standing on a busy carriageway also posses its own problems."

Sleep Plug

"Used the sleep ears at a Jazz gig i watched last night, i know they are not supposed to be ear plugs, but they were very comfortable and stopped the trumpet blowing my ear drums out during his self indulgent noodling rubbish (not a Jazz fan), and no one noticed i had them in!"

"You made me some earplugs for sleeping a few weeks ago as I have very noisy neighbours. Once I had got used to using them and sleeping in them I think they are probably the best earplugs on the market. I had tried several other makes before coming to you but as they are custom made they seem to blot out all sound. They are definitely worth the money."
Many thanks, Paula

"Used the sleep ears over the weekend whilst in Whitstable, in two applications, firstly what they design for, sleeping, and they proved very good at keeping the crying 2yr old noise out, as well as being comfortable to sleep in"

"I have found the sleeping plugs really good on a number of occasions; they effectively cut out most of the background noise and are comfortable to sleep in."
John clark

So crisp and clear - SoundEar

""As a musician suffering from tinnitus It is so important for me to protect my hearing, but at the same time I need be able to hear what is going on around me. The Soundear in ear monitors are perfect for me, so so crisp and clear. I never leave for a practice or a gig without them.""
Tom Lingard

Sound Engineer Paul Myers uses SoundEar Pro 3

"Have done a tour with Rizzle Kicks, I love the triples, have been on every occasion I meet other sound engineers spreading the good word of Ultimatear, they all seem to like that everything is in one place and uk made! All i have to say is fantastic, i must say the triples are fantastic, the low frequency responce is amazing, sub sound really phat and big. All the band have UE11's so we are definitely on the same page sonically which is fantastic. I have found your triples to be very very comfortable especially during a very sweaty gig,"
Paul Myers


"So spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday commuting between Lee and Battersea Power Station on my motorbike wearing the single drive bike headphone. they sounded amazing, the sonic quality was fantastic even for a single driver, i must congratulate you and the Ultimate team for making a really great quality product that is made in the UK. The bass response was full, the mids were clear and the tops were sparkling and all round great sound. Not only did they sound great but were very comfortable."

"The moulded monitors are superb and I have found them to be very effective and comfortable for extended periods.. As it is the plugs allow me to hear my phone and use it at motorway speeds which were the aim in the first place."
John clark


"I am writing to say how good my wife and I found the Motorcycle Monitors with speakers. We used them with an Autocom system on our honeymoon last year. We travelled 4000 miles around Europe and found them perfect. They were clear, comfortable, and unlike other fitted plugs I've had before, they didn't dislodge from my ear. The first time we used the Autocom we used the original speakers and earplugs. They were quite uncomfortable and the volume needed to be set to maximum so we could hear. With the Ultimate's fitted monitors with integrated speakers we had the volume set way down from maximum and still they were clearer than the original system. Along with our Zumo sat nav, they were the best investment we made for the whole trip."
Thank you, Jason and Karen

"The ultimate ear monitors are probably the best single item of biking kit that I've ever had (other than the bike itself!)."
S. Paterson

"I ride a motorcycle with quite a turbulent and noisy screen...Your 75 Q tips are absolutely fantastic. I am highly delighted with their performance...they keep out the noise, the volume on my MP3 player can be set low and does not need adjusting for any speed. They are a nice comfortable fit and easily inserted and removed, and not disturbed when taking helmet on or off. If you want to listen (music, radio,communications) you cannot beat this quality."
Roger Prestcote


"I've just received the cable that I was chasing. Thanks for getting it to me so promptly following my call. I have not had chance to test the system in conjunction with the Autocom but as a stand alone aid to listening to music it is magic!"
David P.


"Fantastic!!! I am so pleased I decided to have your excellent ear canal monitors (moulds taken at the BMF show). I have tried all sorts of earphones and experimented with sound amplifiers, autovoxing intercoms and various helmet speaker combos, with and without ear plugs. All resulted in discomfort, pain, huge increases in sound levels and poor audio at virtually all speeds - simply put - nothing really worked. But the quality and sound reproduction at quite low volume settings was a revelation using your product. I must thank you for getting my order out to me before I was due to go on a long 500 mile trip a few days ago - an excellent test and the ear protectors were superb at both noise reduction and audio quality. I'm sorry to go on a bit, but I just had to pass on my thanks at your excellent service and to put on record my delight at having finally found the perfect solution to long motorcycle rides - I shall be recommending you to all my friends and acquaintances. Thanks again."
E. Harries

"Hello all at Ultimate Ear, I recently received my UEP 75's. Your representative (sorry, can't remember his name) came to my house on his GS1200 to take the moulds, which was a really excellent efficient service and saved me a lot of travelling. I then needed the monitors quickly for a European trip I am doing next month, and they arrived after only 2 weeks, just in time for a 200 mile trip to Cornwall."

"The monitors are very comfortable and the sound protection in ideal, it was also so nice to have some music whilst sitting on the the M3, A303. I also play the drums and during some recording sessions the monitors have come into their own, it's much easier to play along to the tracks now I can hear them in better quality. So, thanks to all involved, looking forward to the dawn run down to the ferry now."
Best regards, C. Birch


"First impression are the sound is impressive - and I've heard things I've not before! I have a Paul Weller album that is recorded in the bbc studios, I've heard so much bits in the background which I never on my old inears."
Kevin Eason

"Great service, recieved this morning, thanks very much indeed, top people"
Gary Griffiths

"Many years ago Andy Hobdell brought my attention to the idea of getting some custom moulded ear plugs made up, how glad I am that I followed up on his suggestion. Without them, the combination of screaming babies, chattering teenagers and the insescent drone of jet engines would be enough to drive a bloke mad. Get them made up with monitors built in and the sound of the crowd can be replaced by the gentle soothing tones of ... well, whatever you like, and for my young muso friends, Mr Smith and Mr van Vliet who might want to maintain their hearing into their 40's, you might want to consider getting some too ... :-)"
John Carey, NZ

SoundEar - Fantastic

"The new SoundEar earplugs are fantastic. They are such a great fit that I very quickly didn’t even notice that I was wearing them. I have significant tinnitus which has made communication between rider and pillion difficult at times. With the SoundEars it was never a problem. I really couldn’t believe how clearly Mike and I could communicate which made for a much more pleasant and less stressful riding experience. I was showing them off to everyone on our tour. As Mike said I am really, truly over the moon. Thank you for such a wonderful product."
Brenda - Peak Rider Training

SoundEar – Over the moon

"We’ve just returned from our first organised tour of the year (to Italy) and Brenda is over the moon with them. She will be sending her own comments later today. The SoundEars allow rider & pillion get full benefit from the Autocom. Because side tone is now so clear neither person feels a need to raise their voice over outside ambient noise or other forms of inserted ear protection. It really is a joy to have conversation in normal speaking voices at any speed knowing that you’re protected from wind noise at the same time. I’ll be talking about our experience in the next Peak Rider newsletter. Thanks again for the great service."
Mike - Peak Rider Training

SoundEar – Perfect Storm

"The problem is that the Schuberth SRC system works through a set of speakers that Velcro into the helmet. This meant that I couldn’t wear my earplugs. Well, that was until I met the guys from Ultimate Ear at the NEC last November. These guys took an imprint of my ear canal; they also did Sara’s. Into these earplugs they inserted tiny speakers and then created a screw-together connector that allows me to connect them to my Schuberth SRC communications system. This really does present the Perfect Storm, as far as I’m concerned. The quietest helmet money can buy, custom-fitted earplugs with internal speakers, and a brilliant comm’s. system. All-in-one very neat package."
Blog - Motolegends

SoundEar Pro 3

"The sound quality is brilliant, rich and full of bass. The noise cancellation (Fit of plugs & seal) is superb and I can't stress how much this improves the quality as a direct route to your ear canal with no loss of sound. These sit inside your ear and are very comfortable (So soft materials used) and can be worn for hours without having to release them or adjust them. Once your music starts you're in your own little world. The major plus using these as there is no bulk and are very discrete. I will never use over the ears or another brand of headphone again. The build quality is something of genius and seeing the components (clear) makes me smile every time I pick them up and worth every penny I paid"
A Noel

SoundEar Pro 3 (Triple Driver)

"The custom molded design is perfect for blocking out all of the ambient sound and delivering the music directly to your ear canal. It really didn't take me too long to get used to inserting and removing the phones and after wearing them a couple of times I found them very comfortable, you just forget that they are there.

I would have thought that the fact that you have the device embedded in your ear if you touch the cable you would get an annoying rumble in your ear but this is not the case, unless you touch the cable by your ear. I can only assume that this is because of the coating on the cable. The cable is also quite rigid which means it does not tangle."
Martin Shaw - March 2012

"First impressions - Amazed!
The bass is lush, deep but so very controlled. It feels quite strange to hear bass this good without feeling it through your chest! On further listening and trying to analyse the sound I couldn't hear any harsh transitions between woofers and tweeters that can reproduce inaccurate notes and can sound different from the intended recording. Instead, the Triple Drivers generate level tones and even image separation across all directional frequencies. Also very noticeable is the lack of sibilance at the high end, something that I have strived to eradicate in my hi-fi system, with limited success. I have to admit I find it very hard to criticise the sound reproduction of these headphones

One area I was always sceptical of with headphones was sound stage. headphones have always seemed to have placed the music within my head but with my home system, the music is in front of you with separation of the musicians and a sense of depth to the reproduction that can give you a feeling of " actually being there" I have never heard this before with headphones. The triple drivers create an imaging experience that extends outside of your head. Whilst there is a degree of depth ( front to back) of the music this is not as much as I would have liked, nothing like what you would hear from my home hi-fi. I guess this is to be expected, the drivers are, after all, part way into your head! It is worth saying at this point that I have carried out the majority of my listening using my iPhone, with lossless files but through the main headphone socket. I am looking forward to trying them with a headphone amp coupled directly out of the main connector on the bottom of the iPhone. I hope this may then improve the soundstage from the triple drivers.

I have to say that the sound developed dramatically over the first 5 hours of listening, as they "burnt in". I also tried using the triple drivers connected to the headphone socket of my Cyrus amp. I was hoping this would give an improved sound stage. I was however slightly disappointed, the overall sound just wasn't as good. I can only put this down to the triple drivers being "overdriven" by the Cyrus amp. I don't really see this as a problem as I never intend to use the headphones in a fixed position in the home ( I have a set of Quad speakers for that)"
Martin Shaw - March 2012

"The versatile sound profile makes the triple drivers an excellent candidate for a variety of genres. The musicality is just fantastic, you feel a total connection with the artist singing or playing the music, it can be very emotional!

When I consider the cost of the headphones and an mp3 player with the quality of the sound reproduced compared to my hi-fi system at home that cost 10 times that amount the triple drivers are excellent value for money. I rave about these headphones to all of my friends but I can't prove how good they are - they won't fit anybody else's ears!

Finally, I would like to thank Dave Marshall for giving me the opportunity to own a pair of these fantastic headphones. I always have them with me, it's like carrying your home hi-fi system with you where every you go!"
Martin Shaw - March 2012

Soundear pro3

"To be honest.... I'm in awe! I have to say, initially I thought they were good but whilst the bass was powerful it was woolly and the mids a little distant. However after about 5hrs running in the difference was amazing. So I have decided to keep a bit of a log/ diary."

"I have not written a review of any sort before, so please bear with me. I also have to admit that my experience with headphones is also limited. Up until now I have only owned a pair of Etymotic ER-6i. I do however enjoy my Cyrus/ Quad hi-fi system at home and it is inevitable that I compare the sound from the Triple drivers to the sound from the Cyrus system."
Martin Shaw - March 2012

Soundear uep 75

"they sounded amazing, the sonic quality was fantastic even for a single driver, i must congratulate you and the Ultimate team for making a really great quality product that is made in the UK. The bass response was full, the mids were clear and the tops were sparkling and all round great sound. Not only did they sound great but were very very comfortable.12"


"I honestly love them, I have been using them for everything recently, particularly for drumming along to music with my ipod. None of my band currently use ear protection so I'm going to try and convince them to order some plugs from you."

SoundEars - You have made my season

"I have finally found a comfortable set of ear plugs that not only block out the Moto GP bikes in pit lane, but I can also hear my director perfectly, I guess that's blown the old didn't hear you excuse, Well done Ultimate hearing protection, you have made my season."
Steve Parrish

SoundEars – Excellent service

"Just collected my monitors from repair. Excellent service and super fast. Can't praise them enough as needed them for holiday to France on Monday morning. Super friendly ladies on the reception as well. THANK YOU LOADS"
Michael Denning

Spectacular - SoundEar Pro2

"Firstly the presentation is excellent, the hard case is very professional and neoprene wallet is very handy. The finish on the earphones is excellent. I love the cable cover as it is very difficult to tangle. The cable length is just perfect, and long enough to have the audio device in a jeans pocket and not pull on the cable. I’m my opinion the standard length of some IEM/earphone cables are too short for someone of my height (6ft). The little Velcro cable tie is ideal, you just unwrap it and let the jack fall and your IEMs unravel. No tangles to contend with. The fit I have to say is perfect, really snug without any looseness or over-tight, stretched feeling. The isolation is fantastic the best I’ve experienced to date and this is my third set of IEMs. I’ve had two sets of very similar silicone dual driver Sensaphonics and the fit and isolation is better on the Pro 2s definitely. That brings us to the sound… Well, initially I was a bit disappointed with the high frequency (HF) response, but then I remembered that new drivers just like any engine needs a bit of running in. Over the next 3-5 hours of listening the HF’s sibilant splashy characteristic that was present began to drop away leaving a lovely flat sounding set of IEMs. The low frequency (LF) is rich warm without being over powering, mid-range is nicely balanced and natural, and the HF detail is quite spectacular and exciting to listen too without seeming false. I like my IEMs to be very flat as I use them for listening pleasure as well as reference and these make fantastic reference earphones! If there is any EQing to be done I want to do it myself! I’ve turned them up as loud as I dare and I haven’t experienced any distortion, I’m not prepared to go any louder so that’s really good! Over time I haven’t experienced any fatigue and I’ve done a 4 hour stint. The beauty of this type of earphone is that because of the fit, the isolation allows you to listen at any level you desire. Once they’re in and the audio is running there’s no chance of hearing what any one is saying to you. So in summary, a high quality product, great sound, can’t fault them, the attention to detail makes them easy to use and I’d highly recommend them to anyone!"
Jay Beard: Former Monitor Engineer for Doves, Elbow and Snow Patrol.


"I would like to thank everyone for their help in getting my order to me, following the recent confusion at the NEC. This really is a case of "You get what you pay for". In this case that means an excellent product backed up by the highest level of customer service."
David V

"Please find enclosed my ear impressions as I would like to order another 2 sets please but without cords this time if possible. The old set worked exceptionally well and it is only because I have lost the right one that I need to re-order. Working as I do in the Moto GP and WSB paddocks I have found them to work brilliantly and I would most certainly recommend them to anyone working in that kind of environment. Thank you for your help."
Andy Ibbott, School Director, California Superbike School

"Just to let you know my order arrived yesterday and I am very happy with the products. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to other bikers. Many thanks for a speedy service."
Paul A. Chambers

"I just want to say a very big thank you to all of you, I was fitted for my ear plugs at the BMF tail end show in September this year, and asked for a quick turnaround on them as I was going away on a long weekend on the bike with a group of mates at the end of the month. They arrived in time and I've been delighted with them, they are so comfy, so many thanks on a brilliant service."
Regards, Kevin

"Just to say thanks for delivering an excellent product within the timescale promised. Impression taken/plugs ordered pm Sunday at BMF Tail End arrived today (Saturday 25th)."
Regards, R. Olliffe

"Just one thing fantastic on bike good noise reduction and very comfortable over long periods of time."
S. Morgan

"I recently purchased my second set of Ear Protection from Dave at the NEC Motorcycle Show 2005, my first set bought last year at the MEN in Manchester are very good indeed, however, I asked Dave this year if it possible to create a set to cut even more sound out, my motorcycle has a particularly loud Termigononi Race system and my first set of plugs didn't quite cut enough sound out. Anyway, Dave asked me to send feed back once I had received the new set which you made with a longer inner ear and a much more snug fit. They arrived yesterday and although I won't be riding my Ducati this side of Christmas, I did a sound test with the bike and there is a marked difference between this new set and my original set and although the proof will certainly be in the riding, the initial impression is very good.

Having custom earplugs made has been a very worthwhile investment; the quality of your product is without a shadow of a doubt, the best on the market. I found Dave on both occasion to be extremely helpful and informative, and after receiving my second set of Ear plugs from ultimate ear protection, I certainly would not trust anything else, I found mine to be, in both cases, an excellent fit, very comfortable and it would seem, able to cope with the amount of DBs kicked out of the back of my Ducati. Very pleased, keep up the good work."
Kind regards, N. Murray

"Thank you for replying to the email I sent you. Just to let you know I received my ear plugs this morning and I am very pleased with them."
Mark Chapman

"Last month I outlined the preparation needed for the manufacture of the hearing protection ultimate sound blockers, which were due to be sent in a couple of weeks, and promised you the results of how they performed 'on the road'.

With the weekend in Snowdonia planned for the late May Bank Holiday I was hoping that they would appear in time, which is exactly what happened on the Friday morning, 13 days after the order.

Bike loaded and the plugs in I set off to enjoy the trip. After a while it was time for a break and it was a relief to take the plugs out as they had started to become uncomfortable. The instructions do say that they need a bit of getting used to in how you fit them. With a bit of practice after the break I found them easier to fit and the remainder to the ride was completed in comfort as far as my ears were concerned, although other parts of the anatomy were beginning to fill the strain. .

The long break gave me a chance to try the plugs in a variety of locations and weather, during our rides through and sometimes over the mountain Passes that abound the region. Unlike the usual type of ear plugs you don't have to worry about getting them to fit correctly every time as there is only one was you can fit them, as each is marked to show the left and the right. .

They are not intended to completely shut out all sound, but to reduce the normal noise associated with bike riding to an acceptable level, which I found to be the case. The bike seemed to burble along rather than sound as if the bottom end is about to break loose. .

Do I like them? Yes. Would I recommend them? Yes. Are they worth the price which can start at £55? I think so, but each will have to make up their own mind as to what price you wish to place on your hearing. After all how much is a person prepared to pay for contact lenses or spectacles to be able to see correctly! Would I go back to the ordinary plugs? Definitely not. Even after the short period of only a few days the difference was quite marked and made a large contribution to the enjoyment that I found on the ride home by getting rid of that irritating wind noise that seems to be constantly presence regardless of what type of helmet that is used."
G. Patrick

"Impressed they were made available 3 days before due date and pleasantly and competently supplied. Make a big difference to the bike - now refined, quiet and 20% faster! Do everything I expected and more. Thank you to the guy who fitted them for me. Bit like divorce - should have done it years ago!"
Anthony B

Squidgy - Junior motorcyclists

"I was really pleased to get my Ultimate ear defenders just before my very first 125 race at Mallory Park. Apart from being brilliant they brought me luck as I finished first in my class two times."

"I do a lot of noisy indoor mini moto races which can make you deaf by the end of the day. Ultimate have fixed this so now my hearing is never affected"

The Best - SoundEar

"The best headphones I have ever had. Make such a difference."
Matt Jeary

The best shooting investment - CENS 1

"As I was saying, the Bang Busters I purchased from your company at the game fair are and probably the best shooting investment I have ever made and I wish I had a pair seventeen years ago when I started shooting."
M. Broadhurst, (Search UK Pest Control)

The difference is amazing!

"I bought a pair of Sleep Plugs this spring as I tend to be woken by a combination of the dawn chorus and traffic if I leave the window open (we live adjacent to a main road). Up until now I have always used disposable foam plugs but find these are painful after a while as my ear canals are quite small. The difference is amazing. The sound reduction is at least as good if not better, and once you get the knack of putting them in it is very easy. Also they do not fall out or protrude from the outer ear! As the plugs are made to fit and do not expand, they do not hurt and I tend to forget I have them in, and they have the added bonus that I can also use them as hearing protection on the motorbike or when using the lawn mower. My husband got a pair of the slightly more rigid Squidgy plugs at the same time for use on his motorbike and is very pleased. They cut down on the wind noise but the engine is still audible. Jane West Sussex"

The most comfortable - Driver Comms

"My squidgy earpieces are the most comfortable I have worn in my motorsport career. I even ordered another pair for my iPod."
Jerome D'ambrosio

The plugs are absolutely fantastic for surfing

"The plugs are absolutely fantastic for surfing! With the soft material, they are proving brilliant. As you can imagine, I've waxed lyrical about them to all my mates and a few of them are interested in getting some. I've also seen and felt a few of the ones produced in Bideford and they are heavy and solid in comparison. A lot more people are using custom plugs and I think yours are the best, so if you add it to your web site, I'm sure you'll get some interest. Feel free to use my testimonial. Thanks again."

The product itself is fantastic - Driver Comms

"Great team of people, very experienced. The product itself is fantastic. The colours came out great as well as the name printing on the side. Comfortable and easy use!"
Howard Fuller

they are excellent, great service - ReactEar

"ear defenders received and put to good use on saturday shooting. they are excellent and thanks for the great service. best wishes"
John Ratledge

They are fantastic - SoundEar

"Just a quick word to say thanks for my union jack earphones they are fantastic and really cut out the noise even when not listening to music."

They do the job they are supposed to do - ReactEar

"I teach people to shoot and I am very happy with the product they look good feel comfortable and do the job they are supposed to"
Stephen Hayes - Shooting instructor

Waxing lyrical - Watersports Plug

"The plugs are absolutely fantastic for surfing! With the soft material, they are proving brilliant. As you can imagine, I've waxed lyrical about them to all my mates and a few of them are interested in getting some. I've also seen and felt a few of the ones produced in Bideford and they are heavy and solid in comparison. A lot more people are using custom plugs and I think yours are the best, so if you add it to your web site, I'm sure you'll get some interest. Feel free to use my testimonial. Thanks again."

Wheeler Dealer Mike Like's - SoundEar Pro3

"Mike Brewer I use professional ear plugs that completely block out ambient sound, I can hear the director or my music crystal clear."
Mike Brewer (Wheeler Dealer TV Presenter)

Wigley Racing use Squidgy

"“Great - have used Ultimate's ear plugs for a few years. Always fit well and easy to use. Thanks :)”"
Wigley Racing

wind noise in the helmet is virtually gone - Sound

"i received my new soundEar last week and took the out for a test over the week end on my motorcycle . i tested the soundEar with and without my ipod . the sound quality is fantastic at greatly reduced volume levels, wind noise in the helmet is virtually gone and they are so comfortable to wear. unbelievable product . thankyou to all at ulimateear"
D. Hoskins

Wind noise is no longer an issue - Squidgies

"Hi there. I received my ear plugs yesterday and have had the chance to ride with them in twice now, they are amazing! Wind noise is no longer an issue! Thanks to you and your technicians for sorting the issues out! Kinds Regards"
Gary Titchmarsh

Worth every penny - Sleep Plug

"Since I have used the sleep plugs, I have never slept better. Although I vaguely hear what goes on when awake, once I am asleep I don't hear a thing! However, I have always woken up when the alarm goes off. I feel so much better after a good night's sleep. They were also supposed to be for the motorbike but I keep leaving the earplugs in the bedside cabinet! Worth every penny!"

Your amazing 'plugs! - Squidgy

"UP UNTIL 2001, I used any earplugs I could get hold of. The awful cotton-wool ones, the squidgy EAR ones, the dayglo orange rounded tip ones, but then I got a set of these made. ultimate ear take an impression of your ear canal and then from the impressions make up a custom-made set of ear plugs which you can re-use again and again. In my 11 years with them, they are my number one piece of riding kit. I’ve lost them more times than I can mention, but always made an effort to find them again – and thankfully found them, as I’ve lost the original impressions! They fit more comfortably than traditional ear plugs which means they block out much more extraneous sound. I’ve probably done 500,000 miles in them around the world when riding a bike but they have other uses to. I’ve used these when I’ve wanted a good night’s sleep (when the daughter was younger and it was my turn for some kip), at race events with unsilenced motorcycles, on flights abroad as well as in the garage when I’ve been banging something ferociously. You can choose them to be colour-coded and now inscribed with your name. To clean them I put them in the dishwasher every so often, which probably explains why I’m single. I wouldn’t be without them."
Bertie Simmonds

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