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Noise: how it works

About Noise

How does Ultimate ear protection safeguard hearing?
Apart from being uncomfortable and tiring, high noise levels can permanently damage hearing. ultimate manufacture custom made hearing protection that could be used by any one to safeguard their hearing. Research resulted in a special earpiece that cut out no more sound than was necessary to ensure the right amount of protection, constructed from a soft durable medical grade silicone.

The concept of any custom made item is its individuality and uniqueness to its user.

Ultimate ear defenders are manufactured in such a way that they fit comfortably, within the confines of your ear; each pair being individually crafted under the strictest conditions from exact impressions of your ears. Our rigorous standards and processes mean that your ultimate ear protection will give you years of use. The life-span of our products varies through different applications. Though our products are guaranteed for a minimum 1 year, many of our customers replace their products after five years, simply due to the shape of the inside of your ear potentially changing over time. This product cost equates to about five pence per day for our Squidgy – a small price to pay to guarantee the protection of a most important sense?

How much noise can a person tolerate?
The strength of a sound is determined by the pressure of the sound waves and is expressed in decibels: dB(A). dB(A) measurements are corrected to the sensitivity of the human ear. The quietest audible sound is 0 dB(A). The threshold of pain begins at 120 dB(A).

Sound pressure
Each time the sound level is increased by 3 dB, the intensity of that sound is doubled (i.e., it is twice as loud). Each time you double the sound intensity, the safe listening time is halved. The louder the sound, the sooner the chance of permanent hearing damage.