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Music Custom Made Earplugs

band on stage playing music wearing in ear monitors

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The Music Range

Custom In-Ear Monitors

We have combined our expertise in custom made hearing protection with high quality balanced armature speakers to create an unrivalled listening experience. Made from super soft silicone, our range of custom in-ear monitors will provide you with the most comfortable and detailed listening experience on the market.

Our Soundear combines 31dB of hearing protection with a single balanced armature driver to provide a generous listening experience. Throughout the Soundear range the design remains similar, although the detail of sound increases significantly. Our Soundear Pro3 contains three independent drivers in a crossover configuration, producing highly refined sound that meets the standards of sound engineers and professional musicians.

Custom Earplugs For Musicians

The musicians plug is the perfect solution for any musicians who require hearing protection. They contain a unique flat response filter meaning they follow the natural frequency response of the ear, allowing you to experience music just as it should sound.

Available in three different levels of attenuation 9dB (light, acoustic , string or vocal performances), 15dB (clubbers, DJ’s etc) and 25dB (very noisy environments, venue staff etc.), we have products which reduce the overall noise down to a safe level whilst not blocking out too much noise.

The filters in the musicians plugs are interchangeable, meaning you can simply purchase and insert a different filter at a later date. The musicians earplugs can also be converted into custom-in ear monitors by removing the ER filter and inserting our MP audio module in the same place, making it an extremely versatile product.

Custom Gloves for Existing Earphones

Our custom gloves are designed to improve the fit, comfort and sound quality of your existing earphones. Do your earphones fall out or not seal correctly? Ultimate custom fit gloves  fit easily onto your earphones, ensuring they are comfortable, fit perfectly and the proper seal ensure they sound amazing.

We produce our custom gloves for most earphones including the popular Shure range. If you are unsure if we can make Ultimate custom gloves for your earphones, visit the product page here or give us a call on 01689 876885 and we will be more than happy to help.

Talk to us!

Place your order online today and we’ll arrange an appointment to get an impression of your ears at your convenience. Send an email to [email protected] for any enquiries.