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Custom-Made Swimming Ear Plugs

custom swimming ear plugs

Let’s get swimming…
Swimmers of all ages and abilities experience sensitivity to water in their ears. If you swim regularly, wearing custom made swimming earplugs from Ultimate Ear Protection is a safe and effective way to prevent discomfort and protect your ears during water activities.
Our custom-made swimming earplugs are waterproof, offering optimum protection for those who are prone to ear infections. They’re also great for children who have glue ear, grommets and who suffer from consistent ear infections. With custom made ear plugs, anyone can continue their swim lessons and summer swims without worrying about infections and swimmer’s ear.

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Why do you need Ultimate Custom Made Ear Plugs for Swimming?

Superior Fit

Each pair of custom swimming ear plugs from Ultimate Ear is made to fit uniquely to you. Using your ears’ impressions, our lab technicians will craft a set of personalised swim plugs that will fit your ears perfectly, offering excellent ability to seal water out of your ear canals. They provide the ultimate in comfort and water blocking capabilities.

Remarkable Durability and Lifespan

Our custom swim plugs are high quality, comfortable and last longer than drugstore swim plugs. They are also washable and reusable. Simply rinse the ear plugs under clean water after each use and you can reuse them time and again with the same level of comfort and efficacy.

Protection Against Infection

Ears are highly sensitive to water and repeated swims can lead to complications and infections. With our custom-made ear plugs for swimming, you can keep water and bacteria from penetrating your ear canal, making water activities safe and enjoyable.

Ultimate Ear Protection’s Custom Made Swimming Ear Plugs

At Ultimate Ear Protection, we offer custom made swimmer’s ear plugs made from soft silicone material for maximum comfort and protection. We can mould the ear plugs for all ages and requirements. With over 1200 audiologist partners all over the UK, you can trust us for easy to wear ear plugs that will suit any water activity.

Order online today, and we’ll arrange an appointment with your local audiologist at your convenience. For more information and enquiries about our custom made ear plugs for swimming, contact us today. Our friendly sales team will be more than happy to assist you

Talk to us!

Place your order online today and we’ll arrange an appointment to get an impression of your ears at your convenience. Send an email to [email protected] for any enquiries.