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Custom Motorcycle Ear Plugs

custom earplugs for motorcycle riding

Get on the road…

Hearing damage is typically associated with loud music, noise from machinery and even gunshots. Motorcycling, where the rider is often subject to loud noises, can also cause hearing loss or tinnitus. Biking requires the use of adequate ear protection.

Ultimate Ear Protection manufacture a range of custom-made earplugs for motorcycle riding. We partnered with riders in creating the base design to make them as functional and comfortable as possible.

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Hearing Damage from Motorcycles

Hearing damage occurs at 85dB upwards. Depending on the speed you are going, your motorcycle will have a volume of at least 94dB. Exposing your ears to this noise for just seven minutes puts your eardrums at risk of serious damage.

Motorcycle earplugs are custom made to reduce noise levels while you’re on the road. They are designed to mute your engine’s noise without compromising your ability to hear traffic. With the right earplugs, you don’t have to worry about hearing loss while riding.

Protect Your Ears Whilst Staying Safe

Ultimate Ear Protection isn’t just interested in preventing hearing damage. Our motorcycle earplugs are designed to be practical and fully functional for the activity. We’ve employed the help of experienced riders to make the best hearing protection devices for you.

Our popular motorcycle earplugs, the ‘squidgy’, provides an attenuation of 30dB. Unlike regular earplugs, our custom made earplugs are designed to still allow you to hear external noises. Communicate freely with fellow motorcyclists through your intercom as you ride whilst using our filtered ear plug. Keep alert in high-traffic areas. Stay on-course with your navigation’s voice commands. Ultimate Ear Protection has found the right level of noise reduction that keeps you aware of your surroundings whilst also communicating effectively with your fellow riders.

Choose us for your Hearing Protection Needs

Ultimate Ear Protection manufactures motorcycle earplugs made by riders. We combined our expertise in hearing protection with their experience on the road. The results: an innovative range of high performance earplugs that mitigate the risk of constant exposure to loud noises.

Talk to us!

Place your order online today and we’ll arrange an appointment to get an impression of your ears at your convenience. Send an email to [email protected] for any enquiries.