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Custom Shooting Ear Plugs

custom shooting ear plugs

Firearm noise ranges from 140dB to 175 dB. Inadequate hearing protection when you’re shooting will result in serious hearing problems. Shooting, whether for sport or for a line of work, requires specialised hearing protection devices.

Ultimate Ear Protection designs and develops custom earplugs for shooting purposes. We are a proud partner of the police and military forces for their safety gear requirements. For sports, use a pair of our professional-grade earplugs whenever you go shooting.

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Protect Yourself from Hearing Loss

Frequent exposure to loud noises results in hearing impairment and even loss. Your hearing can slowly deteriorate whenever you visit the shooting range or go hunting without the right gear.

Shooting requires specific ear protection because sound plays an important role in keeping you safe. Total noise-cancelling earplugs put you at risk as it compromises your alertness. Professionals suggest shooters use custom-made earplugs that still will merely reduce gunshot noise. Protect your hearing while staying alert and aware of your surroundings.

Your Choice of Ear Protection

Ultimate Ear Protection is committed to keeping your hearing safe from the damaging effects of gunfire. We carry a wide selection of earplugs that are divided into two categories, the Ultimate Range and CENS Shooting Earplugs.

The Ultimate Range is our collection of base designs for our custom-moulded earplugs. Made specifically for shooting purposes, these plugs effectively reduce the noise from gunshots. We create them the same way as our other earplugs to tailor them to your ear shape.

The CENS Shooting Earplugs collection is technologically enhanced with their electronic programme. These earplugs are typically used in team shooting activities as they’re equipped with a communications device.

Get in Touch with Us!

Ultimate Ear Protection is your partner in effective hearing protection solutions. Our custom earplugs will keep you safe and alert when you’re out shooting. Talk to our team to learn more about these earplugs’ benefits.

Place an order online today or send your enquiries to [email protected]. We’ll gladly get back to you as soon as possible.