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Ultimate Shooting Earplugs

orange custom shooting ear plugs with cord

Let’s get to the range…

Ultimate manufacture a range of passive custom earplugs for shooting. All of our shooting earplugs are designed using the softest silicone on the market meaning they are extremely comfortable for all types of shooting. Our extremely popular squidgy is tested to En352-2 standards and offers 30SNR. Our filtered plug is available in 29 or 23 SNR and contains a unique filter for those who want to protect their hearing whilst still wanting to hear the trap release. As always, our custom shooting earplugs can be worn in a range of noisy environments and are not limited to use on the shooting range.

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Slim Profile

All of our bespoke ear defenders are designed to be practical for shooting. Our plugs contain an extremely slim profile, meaning they will not knock on the stock of a firearm. Furthermore, unlike ear muffs, they will let your outer ear and the surrounding areas breathe meaning they are perfect for shooting on a hot summer day.

Reactive Custom Made Ear Defenders

Our most popular shooting products are the Reactear range. These custom ear defenders contain a unique valve which allows normal sound in, but when a firearm is fired it reacts and closes up, blocking out harmful firearm noise.

The Reactear V1 is our entry level reactive earplug, coming as two loose earplugs. Our Reactear V2 plug contains a unique dual compound silicone construction meaning the tip of the plug is made from an even softer silicone for ultimate comfort in the ear canal. This product also comes with a cord and clip as standard unlike the V1 range.

Talk to us!

All of our custom earplugs for shooting require an impression of your ear. Order online today or by calling us on 01689 876885, we will then be in touch to arrange your ear impression at a local audiologist to you or at our headquarters in Kent.