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Ultimate’s AttenuatEar’s provide either 23, 29 or 30dB of noise reduction, allowing you or your employees to work safely in noisier environments.

Further information

Ear impressions are required for this product

Ear impressions are required for all custom fit products.

See here for more about custom mould impressions.


Industrial ear plugs which are custom made for each individual, made from our soft squidgy material. These plugs are extremely comfortable to wear over long duration’s, and are also flexible in the ear. These are the most effective and comfortable custom made hearing protection available. They contain a filter that has a single number rating (SNR) of either 23, 29 or 30dB, bringing the noise levels in a work environment down to a safe level whilst still allowing for communication if required.


– Noise reduction (attenuation): excellent noise reducing properties of 23, 29 or 30dB
– Material: made from high quality super soft medical grade silicone
– Custom fit: made from a cast of your ear for an all-day fit
– Fully hygienic/cleanable: easy to care for
– Choice of colours: (number of colours available)
– Indicated for each ear: red right and blue left
– 1 year guarantee
– Removable lanyard: with a clip

What’s in the box?

– A set of custom AttenuatEar earplugs
– Detachable cord and clip
– Carrycase
– Fitting and cleaning guides
– Cleaning tool
– Your ear impressions
– Cleaning wipes & comfort gel


Hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Our AttenuatEar earplugs are made from Ultimate Ear’s own ‘squidgy’ material, a unique blend of soft, flexible, medical grade silicone. Proven durability.

Recommended Use

Perfect for all types of industrial use, medium to high noise, noisy factory floors, gardening, manual labour etc.

Reviews for AttenuatEar

Dave Marshall

Your product is fantastic, I have never worn a more comfortable set of ear defenders.

Andrew Bartlett BEng (Hons) AMIMechE
Business Development Engineer

SCA Foam Products

SCA Foam Products on the benefits of custom made hearing protection in a working environment – Excellent Audiometry results

“We were using a mixture generic and disposable hearing protection products which were suffering from low take-up by staff, were poorly worn and providing inadequate levels of protection. On the recommendation of our Health & Safety Manager we gave custom hearing protection a trial with ultimate; the response from staff was excellent, they liked the fit, were easy to wear and keep clean, all day comfortable, they just worked! From the company’s perspective taking advantage of ultimate’s spread payment scheme we were able to spread the cost over the first year of ownership which helped with budgeting, the value of the well fitting hearing protection bears out in the excellent audiometric screening results we are getting from our staff.”

Sims FE Mottram

Everyone loves them.
“Thank you ultimate. I have received the ear plugs they are great, everyone loves them.”

Elopack Packaging

Elopak Packaging
All of our engineers love them

Hawk International

Hawke International (Engineering Company)
“Great value for money and provide us with a quality service Hawke International is an engineering manufacturing company with three large machine shops. It has been highlighted through previous noise surveys conducted on our site that we a problem with noise exposure to our employees within these machining areas. We have used disposable hearing protection and also moulded hearing protection. We have now used Ultimate Hearing Protection Systems several times over the past recent years, having over 50 sets of moulded ears plugs (AttenuateEar29) made for our employees working within our machine shops who are required to wear them all their working day. I have had great feedback from all who have received a set from Ultimate, especially as they are made of a soft grade of silicone they are generally perceived as much more comfortable than the products from our previous supplier. Although Hawke is at the other end of the country from Ultimate, we have always had a great service from them with regards site visits from their consultants to take impressions, and as they deal with companies all over the country we can approach them with small numbers we need to get impressions made for such as new starters to the business, they will pop in the next time they are in the area. I personally find them great value for money and provide us with a quality service.”

Walkers Snack Foods

Walkers Snack Foods -Quality product and after sales support
“I have been dealing with ultimate ear protection for over a year and they have supplied almost 300 bespoke sets of the moulded ear plugs (AttenuatEar 29) for our employees. I have had only positive comments from the people wearing the ear plugs and I have found ultimate to be a professional business which supplies a quality product and after sales support.”

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