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Cens DX5

The Cens dx5 is an electronic hearing protector which provides the user with the best possible experience in all types of shooting activities via 5 different digitally optimised modes.

Further information

Ear impressions are required for this product

Ear Impressions
Ear impressions are required for all custom fit products.

See here for more about custom mould impressions.


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Part of the CENS DX Range, the DX5 is an electronic custom earplug for shooting containing five different modesP1: Game Mode / P2: Clay Mode / P3: Range Mode / P4: Wireless Comms / P5: Hunter Mode

The CENS DX5 is available in the full range of metalik colours and contains the digital multi-switch, the same as the DX5. As with all CENS products, it is CE EN352 certified and comes with a 2-year warranty.



Ultra-comfortable dual silicone earpiece
Vocal feedback – program & volume change voice notifications
Digital multi-switch for program & volume changes
Water-Shield nano-coating water repelling coating
Volume & program auto-Save 5 optimised programs
Mute function Digital DSP circuitry
Hundreds of colour combinations
Personallaser marking customisation
Low battery warning indication
Size 13 battery
Approx. 400 hours battery life
CE EN352 tested & certified
2-year warranty
Wind noise reduction
All new packaging
All new Metalik colours
Neck loop

What's in the box?

Deluxe dual carry case set with outer box
2x ProFlex brushes with magnet for cleaning & battery replacement
Air puffer
User guide & warranty card
Carabiner hook
Cleaning wipes
36 spare PureCell+ batteries
CENS clothing patch
Freepost feedback card
CENS wallet for storing user guide and gun license
Pureclean gel
CENS baseball cap
Neck loop

Recommended use

Shooting, competition shooting, clay pigeon shooting, game shooting, shotgun

Product Information


Game Mode– This program is optimised for game shooters. Following a gunshot, the device activates reducing output levels to keep the shooter safe from harmful noise. The sound level then immediately returns to normal, allowing the user to hear approaching quarry. A single microphone wind noise reduction algorithm is initiated in the program.

Clay Mode– This program is optimised for the clay shooter where guns are typically fired at a faster rate with other shooters nearby also firing, leaving the user exposed to more prolonged loud levels. A single microphone wind noise reduction algorithm is initiated in the program.

Range Mode– This program is optimised for those users firing on indoor ranges or with large calibre weapons. Ambient awareness is still provided although the reduced output levels may degrade close conversation. Double protection is still advised in this type of environment.

Wireless Comms– This program is optimised for general shooting, providing ambient awareness but with the added feature of wireless audio input via the supplied neck loop.

Hunter Mode- This program is optimised for the hunter/stalker. The amplification of quieter sounds is reduced compared to the previous programs in order that the sound of footsteps on dry forestation and grass are reduced so as not to be annoying to the user. A single microphone wind noise reduction algorithm is initiated in the program.


Review for Cens DX5

James Attwood

Having previously worn the competition model, my new DX5’s are giving me better comfort and better protection, also having the different modes is such a great feature allowing me to use them in so many different situations. I couldn’t recommend theses enough for anyone looking to have custom ear plugs.

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