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Motorsport Filtered Plug

Filter earplugs protect your ears while attenuating loud sounds. Ultimate’s filtered earplugs attenuate evenly to match your ear’s natural frequency response.

Further information

Ear impressions are required for this product

This is a custom product- ear impressions are required.There is an additional charge of approximately £30 for this.

Once you place an order, we will contact you to arrange an ear impression appointment at an audiologist local to you, at an additional cost.

If you already have ear impressions post them into us at Ultimate Ear, 13 Moorfield Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 0HG and we can process your order.

See here for more about custom mould impressions.


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Bespoke ear defenders, made from our soft ‘squidgy’ material. These plugs are extremely comfortable to wear, and flexible in the ear. These are the most effective and comfortable custom made hearing protection available. With a choice of 2 different levels of attenuation either 29dB or 23dB. Just fit and forget.


– Material: medical grade silicone
– Custom fit
– Fully hygienic/cleanable
– Choice of colours
– Excellent reducing properties 29dB or 23dB (it’s your choice)
– Indicated for each ear
– 1 year guarantee

What’s in the Box?

– A set of custom Filtered Plugs
– Carrycase
– Fitting and cleaning guides
– Cleaning tool
– Your ear impressions
– Cleaning wipes & comfort gel


Hypoallergenic and easy to clean, filtered plugs are made from Ultimate Ear’s own ‘squidgy’ material, a unique blend of soft, flexible, medical grade silicone. Proven durability.

Recommended Use

Our Filtered plugs (29 or 23dB) block out slightly less noise than the standard squidgy, allowing  communication with the rest of their team while still blocking out distracting loud noises. Perfect for spectating at Motorsport events but still allowing you to communicate with others around you.

Reviews for Motorsport Filtered Plug

Rich Millington

Filter plugs
They fit fine.

Paul Boakes

Worth every penny!
I’ve been biking for several years now, and got chatting to a fellow biker who recommended these. I went ahead and purchased a pair a year or two back, and can say it’s revolutionised my motorcycling. No longer do I arrive half-deaf! These are awesome. Comfortable, easy process getting ear-impressions,. and quick delivery. They cut down the roar of wind significantly, so much so, that I never ride without them in.

They come with a little tube of ear-lube (I only tend to use this on longer rides, as it’s too much hassle, and I tend to just lick the earplug before inserting it – yuk!), a nifty storage case, a cleaning tool (I lost mine, but you can use an iPhone SIM-ejector-PIN instead, unless Ultimate fancy sending me a replacement tool…) and a couple of cleaning wipes.

Seriously, if you’re a biker, don’t ride without proper ear-plugs: these are custom made to fit. They feel weird at first, but after a few rides, you’ll not even notice them in. You only get one set of eardrums – why risk it?

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