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Motorcyclist SoundEar

SoundEar is our custom moulded earplug with speakers (in-ear monitors). They have an ultra slim profile designed to fit underneath motorcycle crash helmets. The cable exit is correct (cable exit protection system – designed by Ultimate) for no snagging issues. Super soft silicone, providing fit and forget comfort. Offering clear communications and high levels of hearing protection. 31dB Certified SNR and CE rated Cat3 2019.

Further information

Ear impressions are required for this product

This is a custom product- ear impressions are required.There is an additional charge of approximately £30 for this.

Once you place an order, we will contact you to arrange an ear impression appointment at an audiologist local to you, at an additional cost.

If you already have ear impressions post them into us at Ultimate Ear, 13 Moorfield Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 0HG and we can process your order.

See here for more about custom mould impressions.


SoundEar Motorcyclist Options

Product total

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Grand total


Custom earphones offering a versatile solution for those who require crystal clear sound and communication, with massive wind noise reduction. You will experience unrivalled build quality and clarity of sound, which means you can focus. Incredibly comfortable flush fitting – just fit and forget.


– Material: medical grade silicone
– Custom fit
– Fully hygienic/cleanable
– Choice of colours
– Excellent 31dB (CE tested and certified – cat 3 2019) noise reducing properties
– Highest custom protection with communications on the market
– Soft squidgy tip design (developed by Ultimate)
– Cable exit protection system (designed by Ultimate)
– 4 point anchor system for tough and durable use
– Kevlar reinforced cable (Ultimate’s own specification and design)
– Indicated for each ear
– 1 year guarantee

What's in the Box?

– A set of custom SoundEar plugs
– Carrycase
– Cleaning tool
– Fitting and cleaning guides
– Your ear impressions
– Cleaning wipes & comfort gel


Hypoallergenic and easy to clean, SoundEar is made from Ultimate Ear’s own material, a unique blend of soft, flexible, medical grade silicone. Proven durability.

Dual Compound Silicone Construction

Unique to Ultimate and our SoundEar range they are constructed of two different compounds of silicone. The main construction of the plug is a grade of comfortable silicone for strength, and to contain the cable and components, holding them securely within the plug. The SoundEar also has an ultra-soft grade of Silicone for the ear canal where comfort and flexibility is the absolute key to genuine sustained use.

Cable Specification

Our polyurethane coated cable stops the cable reacting to sweat which causes it to go brittle. Kevlar coated strands makes it a lot stronger meaning it is less likely to break, using our four-point anchor system for positive connection and strength.
– Choice of cable colour black, clear, white and beige
– Choice of cable length (standard length is 1400mm)
– Choice of connector (standard pre-moulded right angle)

Speaker Specification

The SoundEar benefits from an incredible single balanced armature speaker chosen to offer a fantastic level of detailed sound. The combined result is clear quality sound, at low volume – coupled with the noise reduction of our custom ear plug.
– Frequency: 5khz
– Sound pressure level: 117dbA
– Impedance: 10.2ohms

Recommended Use

Our SoundEar offer unrivalled night and day protection with crystal clear audio availability for motorcyclists who use Bluetooth intercoms, Phones, MP3 or SatNav while riding. Crystal clear audio with 31dB of noise protection, these are a must have for any motorcyclist.

Reviews for Motorcyclist SoundEar

Matt Jeary

I have now had my Soundears for 10 years in October 2020 and they are still amazing and testament of their longevity. I have only ever had the wire replaced once in august 2016 for a minimal amount of money. They still sound amazing , all the frequency range is still there and I will be buying more in the future if I can still find the moulds after 10 years!
I cant recommend this company enough and their products last a hell of a lot longer than any other headphones I have had in the past. What are you guys waiting for? Go and get some fitted!

John Mosedale

Comfortable under a helmet
I just wanted to say a big thank you for my soundear plugs – at last I can listen to music peacefully on my bike without having to raise the volume. And with noisy kids next door, I can work in the garden with them and listen to the radio or music without the distraction. The Sleep Plugs too are brill – at last I can get a good night’s sleep – I only need one at a time. They are comfortable under a helmet. Thanks guys – I am really happy!

Simon James

I’ve had seven years use – SoundEars
I would like to express my thanks to all at ultimate ear protection for providing firstly great customer service and secondly a great product. I have just returned to you an old set of in ear monitors that have had 7 years of motorcycle touring and have stood up to this task pretty well considering it is a pretty challenging environment for any electronic product. The monitors eventually called it a day with one ear dying on me so I sent them back for either repair or replacement, unfortunately the product was uneconomic to repair, so I was offered a set of replacements for a discounted price. I expressed to the person on the phone that I really needed these back for a trip that I had planned leaving on the 22nd April which didn’t give you much time to make the new ones. However true to your word I received the new product today well in time for my departure and they are so much better than the original pair. Thanks again for taking the trouble to move stuff about and express manufacture these for me and I hope that I get another 7 years from this pair.”

Rob Wilkie

Soundear & Squidgies – Superb
“I too had a set of SoundEars and they were superb. I ordered them last time ultimate came to do us a pitch which must have been over three years ago. Very comfortable and cut out a load of background noise. Bit of a pain one evening though when on the train listening to my ipod and I missed the announcement saying they were modifying the stops and the train was going fast from Gatwick to Brighton when I wanted to get off at Three Bridges! I also have a set of their Squidgies ear plugs which I use all the time and they are good too.”

David P

I’ve just received the cable that I was chasing. Thanks for getting it to me so promptly following my call. I have not had chance to test the system in conjunction with the Autocom but as a stand alone aid to listening to music it is magic!

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