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Music SoundEar Pro2

Ultimate Ear’s SoundEar Pro 2 are custom moulded in-ear monitors featuring dual drivers, tuned for exceptional sound, loved by musicians and audiophiles.

Further information

Ear impressions are required for this product

This is a custom product- ear impressions are required.There is an additional charge of approximately £30 for this.

Once you place an order, we will contact you to arrange an ear impression appointment at an audiologist local to you, at an additional cost.

If you already have ear impressions post them into us at Ultimate Ear, 13 Moorfield Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 0HG and we can process your order.

See here for more about custom mould impressions.


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Our dual driver in-ear monitor based on and constructed using the same high quality components of our SoundEar. The SoundEar Pro-2 is designed with performing musicians and audiophiles in mind understanding the demanding needs of both.


– Material: medical grade silicone
– Custom fit
– Fully hygienic/cleanable
– Choice of colours
– Excellent noise reducing properties
– Indicated for each ear
– 1 year guarantee.

What's in the Box?

– A set of custom SoundEar Pro2 plugs
– Carrycase
– Cleaning tool
– Fitting and cleaning guides
– Your ear impressions
– Cleaning wipes & comfort gel


Hypoallergenic and easy to clean, SoundEar Pro2 is made from Ultimate Ear’s own material, a unique blend of soft, flexible, medical grade silicone. Proven durability.

Recommended Use

Presenter/workers and music lovers that require hearing protection and an impressive quality of audio provided by in ear monitors with dual drivers

Dual Drivers

The SoundEar Pro2 benefits from two balanced armature drivers, one delivering bass and mid-frequencies and a second delivering the high frequencies (trebles) incorporating crossover circuitry. The result is reference quality sound delivery which coupled with the isolation of the perfect acoustic seal of a custom in-ear fit provides a detail and clarity unheard of in any dual driver earphones.

Dual Compound Silicone Construction

Unique to us and our SoundEar range they are constructed of two different compounds of silicone. The main construction of the plug is a firm grade of soft silicone for strength, and to contain the components, holding them securely within the plug. The SoundEar also has an ultra-soft grade of silicone for the ear canal where comfort and flexibility is the absolute key to genuine sustained use.

Cable Specification

Our polyurethane coated cable stops the cable reacting with sweat which causes it to go brittle. Kevlar coated strands makes it a lot stronger meaning it is less likely to break using our four-point anchor system for positive connection and strength.
– Choice of cable colour black, clear, white and beige
– Choice of cable length (standard length is 1400mm)
– Choice of connector (standard premoulded right angle)

Speaker Specification

– Typical performance at 1kHz
– Impedance 112 Ohms
– Sensitivity to 100mV 112 dB SPL
– Sensitivity to 1mW 123 dB SPL
– Max SPLa 132 dB SPL
– THD at 94dB SPL 0.1 %
– THD at 100dB SPL 0.2 %

Review for Music SoundEar Pro2

Jay Beard

Former Monitor Engineer for Doves, Elbow and Snow Patrol – A high quality product
“Firstly the presentation is excellent, the hard case is very professional and neoprene wallet is very handy. The finish on the earphones is excellent. I love the cable cover as it is very difficult to tangle. The cable length is just perfect, and long enough to have the audio device in a jeans pocket and not pull on the cable. I’m my opinion the standard length of some IEM/earphone cables are too short for someone of my height (6ft). The little Velcro cable tie is ideal, you just unwrap it and let the jack fall and your IEMs unravel. No tangles to contend with. The fit I have to say is perfect, really snug without any looseness or over-tight, stretched feeling. The isolation is fantastic the best I’ve experienced to date and this is my third set of IEMs. I’ve had two sets of very similar silicone dual driver Sensaphonics and the fit and isolation is better on the Pro 2s definitely. That brings us to the sound… Well, initially I was a bit disappointed with the high frequency (HF) response, but then I remembered that new drivers just like any engine needs a bit of running in. Over the next 3-5 hours of listening the HF’s sibilant splashy characteristic that was present began to drop away leaving a lovely flat sounding set of IEMs. The low frequency (LF) is rich warm without being over powering, mid-range is nicely balanced and natural, and the HF detail is quite spectacular and exciting to listen too without seeming false. I like my IEMs to be very flat as I use them for listening pleasure as well as reference and these make fantastic reference earphones! If there is any EQing to be done I want to do it myself! I’ve turned them up as loud as I dare and I haven’t experienced any distortion, I’m not prepared to go any louder so that’s really good! Over time I haven’t experienced any fatigue and I’ve done a 4 hour stint. The beauty of this type of earphone is that because of the fit, the isolation allows you to listen at any level you desire. Once they’re in and the audio is running there’s no chance of hearing what any one is saying to you. So in summary, a high quality product, great sound, can’t fault them, the attention to detail makes them easy to use and I’d highly recommend them to anyone!”
Jay Beard: Former Monitor Engineer for Doves, Elbow and Snow Patrol.

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