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Music SoundEar Pro3

Custom moulded triple driver earphones for professional musicians, recording engineers and audiophiles who demand the ultimate listening experience.

Further information

Ear impressions are required for this product

This is a custom product- ear impressions are required.There is an additional charge of approximately £30 for this.

Once you place an order, we will contact you to arrange an ear impression appointment at an audiologist local to you, at an additional cost.

If you already have ear impressions post them into us at Ultimate Ear, 13 Moorfield Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 0HG and we can process your order.

See here for more about custom mould impressions.

£485.00 £425.00

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Our triple driver in-ear monitor based on and constructed using the same high quality components of our SoundEar. The SoundEar Pro3 is designed with professional musicians, sound & recording engineers and audiophiles who demand the absolute peak of performance in their music listening.


– Material: medical grade silicone
– Custom fit
– Fully hygienic/cleanable
– Choice of colours
– Excellent noise reducing properties
– Indicated for each ear
– 1 year guarantee

What's in the Box?

– A set of custom SoundEar Pro3 plugs
– Carrycase
– Cleaning tool
– Fitting and cleaning guides
– Your ear impressions
– Cleaning wipes & comfort gel


Hypoallergenic and easy to clean, SoundEar Pro3 is made from Ultimate Ear’s own material, a unique blend of soft, flexible, medical grade silicone. Proven durability.

Recommended Use

Presenters, professional musicians, audiophiles, recording engineers etc that require hearing protection and an outstanding quality of audio.

Triple Drivers

The SoundEar Pro3 benefits from three independent drivers in a crossover configuration, a single unit combines a mid and high speaker producing clear refined tones and a large bass driver delivering deep and controlled bass tones, in addition to this the sound is further refined with the careful placement of baffles within the plug, the result is a delivered sound stage you simply have no right to expect in such a small package

Dual Compound Silicone Construction

Unique to us and our SoundEar range they are constructed of two different compounds of silicone. The main construction of the plug is a firm grade of soft silicone for strength, and to contain the components, holding them securely within the plug. The SoundEar also has an ultra-soft grade of silicone for the ear canal where comfort and flexibility is the absolute key to genuine sustained use.

Cable Specification

Our polyurethane coated cable stops the cable reacting with sweat which causes it to go brittle. Kevlar coated strands makes it a lot stronger meaning it is less likely to break using our four-point anchor system for positive connection and strength.
– Choice of cable colour black, clear, white and beige
– Choice of cable length (standard length is 1400mm)
– Choice of connector (standard premoulded right angle)

Speaker Specification

– Typical performance at 1kHz
– Impedance 11 Ohms
– Sensitivity to 100mV 113 dB SPL
– Sensitivity to 1mW 113 dB SPL
– Max SPLa 131 dB SPL
– THD at 94dB SPL 0.1 %
– THD at 100dB SPL 0.2 %

Reviews for Music SoundEar Pro3

A Noel

Brilliant, rich and full of bass
“The sound quality is brilliant, rich and full of bass. The noise cancellation (Fit of plugs & seal) is superb and I can’t stress how much this improves the quality as a direct route to your ear canal with no loss of sound. These sit inside your ear and are very comfortable (So soft materials used) and can be worn for hours without having to release them or adjust them. Once your music starts you’re in your own little world. The major plus using these as there is no bulk and are very discrete. I will never use over the ears or another brand of headphone again. The build quality is something of genius and seeing the components (clear) makes me smile every time I pick them up and worth every penny I paid”

Paul Meyers

All I have to say is fantastic
“Have done a tour with Rizzle Kicks, I love the triples, have been on every occasion I meet other sound engineers spreading the good word of Ultimatear, they all seem to like that everything is in one place and uk made! All i have to say is fantastic, i must say the triples are fantastic, the low frequency responce is amazing, sub sound really phat and big. All the band have UE11’s so we are definitely on the same page sonically which is fantastic. I have found your triples to be very very comfortable especially during a very sweaty gig,”

Danielle McGinle

Clear bottom end, no hiss or sibilance at the top
“Hi ultimate, Having just come off a summer festival run playing keyboards for Cher Lloyd, I can’t express how happy I am with the Pro 3’s. The noise cancellation is fantastic, really noticed this in the tent stages, with the noise from front of house and crowd being immense, the pro 3’s not only cancelled this out but gave me a good clear in-ear monitor level that I could happily work with to enable me to perform at my best. Both in tents, out-door stages and in venues, the Pro 3’s give a fantastic mix, clear bottom end, no hiss or sibilance at the top end and a great middle range. They’re super comfy and discreet as well! Wouldn’t recommend any others, ultimate Pro 3’s all the way! Many thanks,”

Clint Williams

Would highly recommend them for the gigging musician
“just wanted to say thanks again for the in-ears. I listen to most genre of music and found the definition amazing. I could identify every instrument and note clarity. On my live performance i found them very clear and could easily push my bass sound comfortably with the triple drivers, I was impressed with the overall performance of the in-ears and would highly recommend them for the gigging musician.” Clint – bass guitarist, Rihanna

Nick Avery

Documentary cameraman – Soundear
“As a documentary cameraman I have had to work in some hostile environments where you only get one chance to get not only the image but more crucially usable audio. In these situations standard headphones are not up to the job so I had to find an alternative that would enable me to have confidence in what I was recording. The solution was to have bespoke earphones moulds made by ultimate ear. These moulds are an exact fit to my ear which blocks out any extraneous noise enabling me to listen to the what I am recording. Such as recording a piece to camera whilst an apache helicopter takes off behind the presenter. The added benefit is that they are also protecting my hearing from any excessive noise that could cause serious long term damage. In addition to this the quality of the sound reproduction is second to none. I can not recommend highly enough the quality of the ultimate ear earphones and the level of professionalism from the whole team at ultimate ear. These really will be the last pair of earphones you will ever buy.”

Mike Brewer

Wheeler Dealer Mike Likes – SoundEar Pro3
“I use professional ear plugs that completely block out ambient sound, I can hear the director or my music crystal clear.”

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