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Wipes x 50

Alcohol free ear plug wipes perfect for keeping your ultimate products in top condition. Fit perfectly (70mmx50mm) inside your Ultimate pouches.



Hygienic cleaning wipes are perfect for keeping your ear plugs and in ear earphones in top condition.


– Alcohol free and safe to use on all age groups
– Quick drying
– x50 units
– Anti-bacterial
– Wipe size 195 x 95mm
– Small packet size means easy addition to existing First Aid Kits
– Perfect for inclusions in handbags, backpacks or suitcases for travelling or day trips

What’s in the Box?

– 50 wipes individually sterile wrapped

Recommended Use

– Perfect for keeping your Ultimate products in top condition
– Ideal for cleaning telephone equipment
– Ideal for cleaning earphones & earplugs


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