Radio communication with industry ear plugs
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Attenuatear Audio M

AttenuatEar Audio M is a communications system consisting of two earpieces. One ear offers 31 db SNR custom-made hearing protection as well as a high quality audio, while the other simply offers 30db of hearing protection.

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Ear impressions are required for this product

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This is our revolutionary custom-made radio speaker system. This system offers the protection of our ear plugs whilst delivering unbelievable sound quality in one ear, with a single AttenuatEar 30 plug for the other ear. This product is excellent for use in noisy work environments where radio communication is required, or just for listening to music whilst working.


Choice of audio feed in either ear
Noise reduction (attenuation): excellent noise reducing properties of 31dB
Material: made from high quality super soft medical grade silicone
Custom fit: made from a cast of your ear for an all-day fit
Fully hygienic/cleanable: easy to care for
Choice of connectivity into various radios eg Motorola , Sepura etc including a mic and a ptt button
Choice of colours
Indicated for each ear: red right and blue left
1 year guarantee

What's in the box

A set of custom Attenuatear audio M Plugs
Cleaning Tool
Fitting and cleaning guides
Your ear impressions
Cleaning wipes & comfort gel


Hypoallergenic and easy to clean, Audio M is made from Ultimate Ear’s own ‘Squidgy’ material, a unique blend of soft, flexible, medical grade silicone. Proven durability.

Recommended use

Perfect for any work environment where communication in one ear and hearing protection in both ears is required.