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Reactear V1

ReactEar are custom moulded ear defenders featuring a unique filter that allows normal speech through while blocking harmful noise out. Shooters love them

Further information

Ear impressions are required for this product



Our original product for shooters. Is a reactive custom made in ear defender. The advantages of this product over normal ear protection are; unlike ear muffs they don’t knock on the stock of a fire arm. Also unlike muffs they let the outer ear and surrounding area breathe (no sweaty ears on a hot day). It creates a secure seal so sound from the outside can’t leak, and one of its most appealing features is that the valve allows normal sound in, but when a gun is fired it reacts to shut the harmful noise out.


Material: medical grade silicone
Custom fit
Fully hygienic/Cleanable
Choice of colours
Excellent noise reducing properties
Indicated for each ear
1 year guarantee
Mechanical valve so no batteries needed

What's in the box

A set of custom Reactear V1 plugs
Cleaning Tool
Fitting and cleaning guides
Your ear impressions
Cleaning wipes & comfort gel


Hypoallergenic and easy to clean, Reactear v1 is made from Ultimate Ear’s own material, a unique blend of soft, flexible, medical grade silicone. Proven durability.

Recommended use

Shooting, clay pigeon shooting, competition shooting, game shooting,

Silicone construction

The main construction of the plug is a firm grade of soft silicone for strength, and to contain the shooting valve, holding them securely within the plugs.