Impression Taking

To enable your custom moulded hearing protection product to be made for you, it is necessary to obtain an impression (mould) of your ears. During this process you may experience some very minor sensations (e.g. itching, tickling, sneezing and coughing), but you will be in capable and professional hands.

It is vital that when asked, you provide the audiologist with as much information as possible to determine that they are fully aware of any relevant points pertaining to your ears; thus ensuring the best possible experience for you throughout the procedure.

Preparing for the Impression Taking Process

There are a few easy steps that we recommend to ensure the impression taking process runs smoothly on the day. You can go to your local chemist and buy ear drops.

Or indeed look at our shop for ear products

Where to get your impressions taken

Throughout the UK we have audiologists ready to take impressions of your ears. All our audiologists are qualified health-care professionals specialising in ears and are experts in their field, which means that your ears are in the best possible hands.

We cover 99% of the UK and for most people you will never be more than a short drive from where your impressions can be taken. If you would like to know the closest location to you, please do contact us with your postcode and county details.

The process

Stage 1 After a few initial questions, an inspection of your ears will be carried out by a trained operative to ensure it is safe to proceed.

Stage 2 A small foam stop is inserted part way into the ear to protect the ear drum from the impression material.

Stage 3 Medical grade silicone material is then dispensed slowly into the ear, filling the cavity and capturing the internal shape. You will experience a significant reduction in your hearing and a sensation of fullness in your ears whilst the material cures.

Stage 4 The impression material takes approximately 5 minutes to cure.

Stage 5 Once set, the mould is carefully removed from the ear, along with the foam stop and then your hearing and senses fully return.

Stage 6