3.5mm extension cable
3.5mm extension cable
3.5mm jack to 3.5mm scocket
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Extension Cable

3.5mm jack to socket extension cable



This high quality audio extension cable featuring 3.5mm gold plated jack plug and socket, perfect for extending the reach of your earphones.


Kevlar cable – ultimate's own specification and design - this makes a difference to the quality of sound
3.5mm moulded right angle to 3.5mm moulded socket

What's in the box

90cm long 3.5 mm extension cable.


polyurethane coated cable stops the cable reacting to sweat which causes it to go brittle. Kevlar coated strands makes it a lot stronger meaning it is less likely to break.
gold platted connectors providing solid connectivity.

Recommended use

Connection between MP3 Player/iPod and android, or any devise with a 3.5mm port.