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Musicians Plugs

Ultimate’s Musician’s Earplugs are custom moulded with a ‘natural frequency response’ to turn loud sounds down, perfect hearing protection for musicians.

Further information

Ear impressions are required for this product



This is the plug for musicians. Its unique filters offer flat response attenuation, meaning they follow the natural frequency response of the ear, keeping the music well balanced. Available in 9, 15 or 25 db filters which are all interchangeable, this is a highly adaptable plug which offers exceptional comfort and attenuation.


Attenuation; 9dB, 15db or 25db
Material: medical grade silicone
Custom fit
Fully hygienic/Cleanable
Indicated for each ear
1 year guarantee
Plugs come clear as standard

What's in the box

A set of custom musicians plugs
Cleaning Tool
Fitting and cleaning guides
Your ear impressions
Cleaning wipes & comfort gel


Hypoallergenic and easy to clean, Musicians Plugs are made from Ultimate Ear’s own ‘Squidgy’ material, a unique blend of soft, flexible, medical grade silicone. Proven durability.

Recommended use

Concerts, event coordinators, gigs, musicians, bands, loud environments, music halls, music festivals.

The filters

These flat response acoustic filters are available in three levels.
9db for light, acoustic, string or vocal performances.
15db for medium exposure levels, suitable for most performances.
25db for high noise exposure, amplified sound, percussion.